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Strong Recommendations

The following doctors come strongly recommended from multiple families on the yahoo short bowel syndrome group -- doctors worth driving hours or relocating for:

  • At Pittsburgh Children's Hospital [1], Dr. Rudolph [2] and Dr. Alissa [3] are well liked by families for good medical judgement and bedside manner. Dietary support is not as strong as some other programs.
  • Debra Sudan, the STEP surgeon currently at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (she also works with short gut kids who are not candidates for STEP). She is apparently leaving for Duke in North Carolina to start a transplant program there, but currently has no support staff for intestinal rehabilitation there. Also, some concerns have been expressed about the rehabilitation team at Nebraska since Dr. Torres left Omaha for D.C. and has not been replaced.
  • Dr. Balint and her team at NCH (Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio): compassionate, knowledgeable, willing to work with other experts.

Individual Experiences

  • We have been happy with MaxMunakata's care under Dr. Jason Soden (GI), dietician Kristin Brown, nurse Sara Fidanza (GI), Dr. David Partrick (surgeon), and nurse Randi Price (surgery) at Children's Hospital Denver. The team is well-coordinated. Their approach to intestinal rehabilitation seems more slow-but-steady (a la Pittsburgh) and less aggressive (than Omaha or Boston, for example), but this approach seems to be working well for Max. He has transitioned from 90% of his calories from TPN down to 55%. Dr. Soden also helped us get to Boston for Omegaven when his more senior colleagues were unsupportive, for which we are very grateful. And of course we are grateful beyond words to Mark Puder and Kathy Gura for saving Max's liver and his life.

Tips for Staying at Individual Hospitals

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