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Omega-3 from fish oil is supposed to be preferable to omega-3 from plant sources such as flax seed. Be careful of where you get fish oil supplements from to avoid heavy metals.

Fish Based Omega-3

  • A parent on the yahoo short bowel syndrome group said that oral fish oil (2.5 ml twice a day -- twice the adult dose) helped with her son's elevated ALT/AST. However, his Vit A levels got too high, so they switched to the drops without high levels of it. We are trying oral fish oil for this purpose with MaxMunakata (.5 mls in his g-tube twice a day) -- his ALT/AST are improving, as is his absorption. He seems to be allergic to something in the fruity children's drops, so we use a syringe to extract his dose from capsules.

Plant Based Omega-3

  • Smartbalance [1] - Smartbalance offers a variety of foods with Omega-3 in it, including peanut butter (very good tasting and only 1 gram of sugar), cheese, cream cheese, mayo, etc. The amount of Omega-3 is large - 1000 mg. per 2 Tbs. of peanut butter.
  • Eggs [2] Eggs now have Omega-3 added.