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Welcome to the Short Gut Wiki

Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) or Short Gut is when the intestine is so short or non functional that it cannot provide sufficient nutrition from normal food intake, such that IV nutrition (TPN -- total parentral nutrition) typically must be provided. This wiki focuses (at least initially) on pediatric short gut, but all types and ages are welcome to contribute. TPN unfortunately causes liver disease in many patients, which is the (or at least a) leading cause of death for short gut. The initial motivation for this wiki is Omegaven, which prevents and cures TPN-associated liver disease and saves lives. Many parents have first hand experience on its benefits, and yet this information is not widely available to other parents and patients.

Please feel free to link to this page to increase the visibility of this resource for the short gut community. And please contribute your experiences so that others may benefit. (A wiki allows anyone to add or edit any of the web pages you see here:  first create a new account (click link at upper right of page, or here: Special:Userlogin, then click on the "create an account" link), and after you log in, you can click the edit tab at the top of any page to make changes.).

FDA Workshop on IVFE, Oct 2013

IMPORTANT NEWS: The FDA is having a public workshop on intravenous fat emulsions (i.e., TPN lipids) on October 29th, 2013 -- there is a survey to collect information on the patient experience with IVFE's that could potentially provide valuable information for this workshop. Here's those links again:

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Important Disclaimer: This is a site created by parents & patients, for parents and patients. It is not official medical information and must not be used without further medical consultation as the basis for treatment etc. It is not moderated (though some attempt is made to keep it in reasonable shape). Nobody posting information here can be held medically or legally responsible for anything they say. We encourage people to share their unvarnished experiences, so that others may benefit. Please do not knowingly defame or libel anyone, but also please do not censor potentially important information that might benefit others. If anyone is a lawyer, please edit this disclaimer to contain more appropriate legal language.