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Short Gut Glossary

(keep these in alpha order)

  • bilirubin -- a main indicator of liver disease and what causes jaundice (comes in two forms: direct bilirubin and indirect bilirubin
  • Bridging Fibrosis -- a higher level of Liver Disease
  • Broviac -- A type of Central_line IV
  • CBC -- complete blood count -- everything you ever wanted to know about blood and more
  • Central_line (CVL) -- A permanent IV that is usually placed in the chest and leads directly to the heart. This allows the administration of TPN and Meds that would normally be caustic to veins.
  • Cholestasis -- lack of bile flow caused by Liver Disease
  • CRP -- C-reactive protein -- a general indicator of inflammation, Infections, and disease -- this should be tracked more than it seems to be! By monitoring this you can often catch a line infection before symptoms like fever appear.
  • Fibrosis -- A level of Liver Disease
  • Fistula --
  • G-tube-- A port is installed through a stoma in the abdomen wall and directly into the stomach. This allows to feed directly into the stomach, bypassing the mouth. Can also be used for decompression.
  • GJ-Tube--
  • Intralipid --
  • IV -- intravenous -- a catheter inserted into a vein, for the purposes of delivering medicine and/or nutrition
  • Liver Disease caused by TPN
  • Ostomy -- see Stoma and StomaCare for tips to deal with it
  • Omegaven -- an omega-3 based lipid that prevents and reverses TPN-associated Liver Disease
  • PICC Line -- Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Line. A more permanent type of IV that is usually place in a leg or arm.
  • Stoma -- (aka Ostomy) -- opening of the (small or large) intestine through the skin to discharge waste etc ("stoma output").
  • TPN -- Total Parenteral Nutrition -- complete nutrition delivered through an IV
  • TPN-associated Liver Disease
  • WBC -- white blood cells (fight infection) -- see CBC and Infections