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Back to ChangeLog -- Svn Checkin Log for 6.1.0

This documents changes since 6.0.0 -- see Changes 6.0.0 for info on that release.

Major Changes

  • Hopefully the last major revision (version 3.2) of the Leabra PBWM algorithm for simulating Prefrontal Cortex and Basal Ganglia Working Memory -- now more fully in alignment with the known biology while retaining the fundamental SRN-like functionality of version 3 (and most of the other features of v3).

Minor Changes

  • Projects keep track of their own directories and switch to them automatically when the project window is selected, or when a program is run within a project -- this should ensure that accessory files are still found correctly when multiple projects from different directories are in use. Use taBase::GetProjDir() on any object to get the project directory for that object (searches upward to find Project, gets it from there -- only works on objects that have owners -- most do).
  • Renamed new hippocampus algorithm ThetaPhase instead of QuadPhase -- old projects should load fine, but won't be compatible with older versions.
  • Added act_mid variable on LeabraUnit -- records PBWM gating activations or ThetaPhase mid-minus phase activities
  • Fixed weird "tiling" artifact when down-scaling images in RetinaProc visual processing code. Also all taImageProc code is now fully alpha-channel compliant.
  • Main Menu works on Unity desktop environment, and main menu appears without having to first click on emergent window at startup.
  • Leabra default learning algorithm is now CT_LEABRA_XCAL -- consistent with textbook:

Bug Fixes

  • Plugin compiling with configure --suffix install now all works properly
  • use of arrow keys when viewing weights in NetView now fixed -- also fixed Layer::UnitLogPos function to work properly for virtual unit groups
  • Bottom Find search widget in Tree view's (e.g., left browser or Program Editor) no longer crashes if you have an active find and then modify the tree (add, delete objects)
  • Undo in DataTable gui cell edits, and fixed random inappropriate activation of sub-matrix editor