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Because of the major changes implemented in version 8.0 of emergent, we have created a "long term support" branch of the 7.0 code base. This is especially important for the Leabra architecture, which changed significantly in version 8.0 (see Leabra 8.0 Update), and most existing models will not work without modification. Thus, we are ensuring that version 7 (last fully released as 7.0.1 -- see Changes_7.0.1 and Leabra 710 Update) will remain supported long enough for people to transition to the new code.

There is now an emergent71 branch that just contains the emergent neural network code (and version 7 of ACT-R), and it links against the version 8.0 (or higher) temt library (which has all the infrastructure code for the gui, Programs, etc). This will be released with every new code update as an add-on package to the main "trunk" code package. The executable is automatically called emergent7 and the lib is emergent7libs.

emergent7 is only intended for accessing existing "legacy" 7.0 or earlier projects. It does not come with its own set of demo projects or Project templates or Program library -- any attempt to use those features will likely lead to bad results, as they are all designed for the current (8.0 or later) release.

Compiling Version 7 from SVN

Here's how to build a separate version 7 executable, that links against the emergent 8 temt lib -- you must have the main emergent made and installed first! -- see these instructions: Build

cd ~   # your home dir
mkdir emergent7  # separate src tree
cd emergent7
svn co https://grey.colorado.edu/svn/emergent/emergent/branches/emergent71 .    # get the right branch
./configure qt5   # you can add other options
cd build
sudo make install

This version will be called emergent7 and it will have its own preferences, history, plugins, etc -- shouldn't interfere with the main emergent setup at all.

On mac it installs a separate /Applications/emergent7.app with its own icon even :)