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Drag and Drop (DnD) is an extremely useful feature of the software, which can be used for copying, moving, and for special application functions (e.g., setting the spec for a given object by dropping a spec on it).

IMPORTANT NOTE: -- support for DnD requires that selecting an object by clicking on it (e.g., to view its property editor in the middle edit panel) occurs when you release the mouse button -- not when you press down on it. When you press down, you are selecting for dragging, but not for anything else. This allows you to drag another object into the currently selected object. Therefore, before operating on a given object (e.g., for the context menu), always select with a mouse-up release event and then use the context menu.

Simply select and hold down the mouse button on an object, and drag it to a new location, wherein you can usually:

  • Copy here
  • Move here
  • Perform other specific functions
  • Set Spec -- set the spec for a network object
  • Add Var To -- add variable in Program that points to dropped object

Dropping "in between"

You can also drop an object in between two other objects, as indicated by small horizontal lines, instead of a selection box around the target location. This allows you to precisely specify the location where the item should be copied or moved.