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CSS is the script language for emergent. It is a general-purpose language that allows one to do virtually anything that could be done by writing programs in C or C++ and compiling them. It provides full access to all the types and objects defined in emergent, and allows you to call the "member functions" of these objects and set the values of their members variables.

There are two principal uses for the script language in running simulations. One is to automate the procedure of setting up and running a simulation. In this role, the script replaces commands that would otherwise be given through the graphical user interface (gui). The other is to extend the software without having to re-compile and re-link. Thus, one can write new kinds of procedures, statistics, etc. that are particular to a given simulation in the script language, and run them as if they were hard coded. This gives the emergent software more flexibility.

NOTE: this set of Wiki pages was imported from the original PDP++ documentation and is need of an update for changes made with emergent Most of the stuff is the same, but there are a few differences. Update should be in soon!