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This is the place to come if you need help using emergent!

The wiki is organized into several major sections, with links to the various subtopics. The main sections of the wiki are:

Must-Read Introductory

Tutorials and Demos

  • HowTos -- an alphabetical list of brief recipes on all manner of things, and pointers to many useful things
  • Tutorials -- detailed step-by-step examples
  • Demos -- overview of demo projects

Thorough, reference:

  • User Guide -- comprehensive reference information on each software element
  • Network Algorithm Guide -- detailed information about each of the network algorithms
  • ChangeLog -- brief overview of new features by release -- always look here if you are updating your version of the program! -- also a great way to learn about new features that you might not know about..
  • License -- information about the license (GPL) and copyright status of emergent

Where Do I Start?

  • If you haven't installed emergent yet, see: Install.
  • Getting Started provides a quick introduction to the emergent application.
  • The Tutorials section covers more advanced topics. After you have built your own network for the first time, the AX Tutorial provides an excellent tutorial which teaches the fundamental tools used in the emergent application.
  • The User Guide provides detailed information on all the major elements used in building emergent simulations.
  • After you have run through the basic tutorials, there are a number of projects available which demonstrate various principles in emergent. The emergent software is installed with several 'demo' projects which can be used help understand the various objects in the software and how those objects are used in actual simulations. Also, the CCN wiki textbook projects referenced below, used in conjunction with the new CCN wiki textbook provide an excellent introduction to the principles of computational cognitive neuroscience.
  • The emergent Reference has information on the internal and technical aspects of emergent, including information required for advanced script programming, and for extending emergent.

CCN Textbook Projects

The wiki textbook on Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, includes a number of emergent projects demonstrating various principles of computational cognitive neuroscience. Each of these projects has detailed wiki documentation, and the projects are a great way to learn CCN and emergent! The CCN Book provides a complete rewrite of the first edition CECN textbook Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience: Understanding the Mind by Simulating the Brain (O'Reilly & Munakata, MIT Press, 2000), and also replaces the original CECN Projects.

  • CCN Book -- Computational Cognitive Neuroscience wiki textbook
  • CCN Book Projects -- emergent projects which complement the Computational Cognitive Neuroscience wiki textbook

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