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Browser and other Core GUI Tools

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Main User Docs
  • NUMBER 1 TIP: Use the context menu on individual objects!! This is activated by the right mouse button (ctrl + mouse on Mac). It contains many useful actions.
  • Drag and Drop -- very very powerful!
  • Cut and Paste -- also handy
  • Edit Dialog -- things you can do with the edit dialog/panels
  • 3d Graphical View -- how to navigate
  • Project Window Tips -- special functions of the main project window
  • Keyboard Shortcuts -- you can do a lot without leaving the keyboard!
  • Getting the most from the tab key - On mac go to System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts and set tabbing to "

All Controls"

Wizard, Control Panels etc

  • WizardTips -- its pretty obvious, but..
  • ControlPanelTips -- this is a very powerful tool for organizing parameters and comparing values, etc.

Core Objects: Programs, DataTables, Networks

  • ProgramTips -- a program automates operations, including training networks, generating input data for networks, and analyzing the performance of networks.
  • DataTableTips -- DataTables are used everywhere for containing rows and columns of data -- e.g., input data for training a network, output data (logs) of how the network performed, statistics analzing aspects of performance.
  • NetworkTips -- a quick short list of main things to do on a network.
  • Best Practices -- ideas for how to best organize complex projects.