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Installing and Building Emergent
  • Build from source (expert)
  • Packaging for release (dev team)

Make the packages

Follow these instructions to create packages for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

  • Update the emergent version number in CMakeLists.txt (this usually has happened already before the packaging step!)
  • Commit CMakeLists.txt and note the svn revision. Use the same Subversion revision number for all builds!
  • Packaging Mac
  • Packaging Ubuntu
  • Packaging Windows

Update wiki for new packages

  • add appropriate svn_gen command to file, and run it (commenting out previous entry(s)), which will generate a new file in changelogs/ for that version, and automatically add it to svn, then svn commit that and then be sure to svn update on grey -- the web page entries link from Randy's svn checkout.
  • Update Template:revision and Template:version.

Beta Releases

This is obsolete now but might need to revive at some point: