How to submit a bug report

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If you are having a problem following the instructions in the guide to Install or Build emergent, have a question about using the software not described in the guide to Using emergent, or have any other questions related to the software, please send an e-mail to the emergent-users mailing list. Before sending an e-mail, you should read this essay on How to Report Bugs Effectively. You can also search our bug tracker, wiki and Google to see if this is an outstanding or documented issue. You are likely to get a response to your e-mail with lightning speed, but if you didn't include critical information, our reply won't contain a fix, but rather a request for more information! You can save a round trip e-mail by including:

  • an accurate description of the problem
  • the steps you've tried
  • critical details about your operating system and environment
  • and the versions of all the tools you are using.

Program crashes

If emergent crashes, such as a SIGSEGV or bus error (same thing, different OSes), you can generate a crash report. This contains critical information that can sometimes allow us to see the problem immediately. These kinds of bugs are best reported on the bug tracker, where you can attach the crash report, and provide a detailed description of exactly what you were doing to cause the crash. Ideally, you can reproduce the crash reliably with a fixed set of actions, in which case please attach the project file and the list of actions so we can reproduce and fix the problem.

Crash reports on OSX

The Mac platform has a built-in stack trace function that appears when a program crashes (see submitting a crash report on OSX for more info). You will see a dialog asking you if you want to Close or Reopen the application, or Report... the bug -- use this Report.. option, which will bring up another window with a "stack trace" of where the program was when it crashed. This is very valuable information for us -- please copy and paste the contents of this window in with your crash report. Thanks!!

Crash reports on Ubuntu

Ubuntu also has a crash trace program that should appear on a crash -- copy it and include along with bug report.