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Reference info for type GridTableView: Wiki | Emergent Help Browser
Reference info for type GridColView: Wiki | Emergent Help Browser


The Grid View plots data from a DataTable in graphical form as colored grids of values. It is particularly useful for tables with matrix cell values. Indeed, if there are no matrix cell values, then it only displays text labels of the scalar values and String values (this can still be useful, corresponding to the TextLogView of PDP++).

There are relatively few parameters in the control panel for this view, because it is largely automatic in how it displays information. The main parameters are the number of columns and rows to display -- from these constraints, the size of the rows and columns are automatically scaled to fit within the overall display box.

Most of the other parameters are largely self explanatory and can be experimented with -- use the mouse-over to see the tool-tip info and try out different values.

Different color scales can be selected by hitting the COLORS button.