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Main Developer Docs
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This is the place to come to contribute to the development of emergent.

Basic How-To's

SVN Source Code Browser

This shows the latest code under Subversion (SVN), plus revision histories, etc, all within your web browser:

Main Developer Design/Coding Docs

  • Dev Intro -- introduction to development, including the following major topics:
  • Adding a new class -- how to use emergent to manage creation of a new class file (and removing, renaming classes as well)
  • taBase -- this is the main interface for most derived classes -- must understand the elements of this before you can write new code
  • maketa -- the type access system provides automatic type information about most of the objects in the system -- very important infrastructure tech for everything in emergent
  • Coding conventions -- how to format and structure your code to be consistent with the rest of the system.
  • Comment directives -- hints to the maketa type scanner that customize the appearance and function of members, methods, and classes.

Docs on Specific Technical Elements

See Design overview for a comprehensive list -- here are a few key / current things:

  • CMake -- everything about CMake and emergent's next generation build system -- hopefully you don't need to mess with this..
  • Class diagrams for a few class hierarchies
  • Publish to web design -- publishing models to the web
  • Server Protocol -- using emergent in a client / server mode through sockets
  • Plugin design -- the user-extensible dynamically-loaded plugins
  • Lists groups design -- design issues in the use of lists/groups DO NOT USE LISTS/GROUPS FOR PRIMARY USER OBJECTS! -- only for containers)
  • Program design -- design of the Program system
  • Vectorizing -- master page for vectorizing computations, including SSE, CUDA, etc
  • Thread Optimization -- optimizing code for multithreaded computation, especially on recent many-core CPU's
  • Thread Support -- design issues for support of multi-threaded code -- basic thread safety issues, etc
  • CodeCompletion -- behavior and implementation of completion of expressions and completion of other items in text fields
  • Expand design -- new expansion protocol

Development Environments

  • Build Mac Xcode - Browsing source code, stepping through code and debugging (Recommended)
  • Eclipse -- How to develop/debug Emergent using the Eclipse IDE
  • Compile_Times -- how long it takes to build the software on different platforms, for different versions.
  • Old Dev Docs -- older development docs -- historical, minor, etc.

Install and Debug Misc Issues

  • Profiling -- how to figure out where the cycles go..
  • EmergentEmacs - an emacs function that you might find useful for developing emergent

Building packages

  • Packaging for all supported operating systems.

Documentation Generation