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There are a number of specialized data processing functions, including data base, data analysis & statistics, data generation, image processing, and basic math operations that can be performed on a DataTable object.

See DataProcTutorial for a thorough Tutorial introduction to all of this functionality.

  • DataBase -- data-base style operations including Sort, Join, Group, Select, etc, and other basic manipulation operations on data tables.
  • DataAnal -- analysis and statistics, including distance matricies, dimensionality reduction (clustering, principal components analysis (PCA), multidimensional scaling), plus smoothing functions.
  • DataGen -- data generation (creating patterns of data), including managing and ordering lists of conditions for experiments (crossing factors, frequency replicating), random pattern generation, simple graphical drawing routines, basic math operations.
  • ImageProc -- specialized image processing functions that apply filters to bitmap images so that a network can more easily process them, and other image transforms.
  • Math -- basic mathematical functions that can be applied to scalars, vectors, and matricies.