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See also first entry in: ChangeLog for notes on changes since last release

As of Sept 26, 2017 major changes underway to get Leabra running fully in a GPU. -- last stable svn revision is 11091

Color Key:

  • red = major surgery: avoid updating unless you really know what you're doing (e.g., member of ccnlab)
  • yellow = a bit of instability but probably OK for most users
  • green = stable -- not much going on

There is also an automated testing framework that runs against every SVN checkin to help determine the current state. The test builds currently only runs on a Linux/Ubuntu 14.04 system and test coverage is by no means complete, although continuously expanding.

Automated testing results

There are also separate tests for the simple SIR52 PBWM model

Build emergent

Get the emergent source code using Subversion:
svn checkout ~/emergent