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This page lists all known changes from PDP++. See also Concepts for a high-level list of key changes and overall concepts for using emergent.


  • Network now contains all control parameters that used to be located in various Process objects, such as learn_mode, cycles to settle, etc. The network always reflects the current settings in effect -- it is still possible for Programs to set these. It is generally good practice for Programs that will be called from other Programs (e.g., Testing programs) to save and restore any network parameters that are changed, so the calling program does not have to worry about this issue.
  • Unlike pdp++, which automatically saved network weights along with the project, emergent defaults to not saving the network weights; in its default configuration, emergent saves with the network unbuilt (to save space on disk) & rebuilds the network when you open the project. If you want the network to automatically save network weights in the project, click the SAVE UNITS flag in the network dialog, and set "auto build" to NO BUILD. Alternatively, you can save the network weights to a file & then load them back in after the network has been built.