Changes 8.5.0

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Back to ChangeLog -- Svn Checkin Log for 8.5.0

Major Changes

  • State Separation -- The computational State (and functions to operate on it) are now fully separated from the Main gui / type-access enabled objects -- this enables GPU to run on the same code base.
  • Lesion -- support for lesioning of different levels of the network has been improved significantly -- there were likely bugs in previous versions.

Minor Changes

  • Net State Display -- The current value of variables such as epoch, trial, sse, trial_name, etc are now displayed above the network view rather than an in the network view itself. The "Net Text" checkbox in the Net View control (middle panel) still controls whether the values are displayed. And now you can easily choose the variables you want displayed -- select the "Net State Values" tab in the Net View control panel for the list of variables.

Significant Bug Fixes