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Back to ChangeLog -- Svn Checkin Log for 8.2.0

Major Changes

  • Completion is now available everywhere! Any place that had a lookup gui, you'll see completion options when you start typing, and also Ctrl+L lookup in the field will pull up a chooser.
  • Not-a-number (NaN or nan) is now fully supported to code for missing data values in the standard statistics / aggregation routines in taMath vec_* functions, and in the NetMonitor -- e.g., if you are doing an aggregation of data from another table, and filtering that table (or it is otherwise empty), the result will be nan values that will then be ignored if you compute something like the MEAN, etc.

Minor Changes

  • Browser (Navigator) -- double-click is always expand / collapse item for containers (that have sub-items), and will engage editing for other non-containers -- editing is always engaged for single-clicking into an already-selected item, which may look like double-clicking, but the two clicks must be spaced a bit further apart.
  • expanding an item will always work, and will then expand to default settings below that.
  • Major cleanup and simplification of the default expand code -- removed default settings in favor of generic defaults that achieve same as previous defaults
  • new option to display BY_GROUP colors using the existing y-axis colors, in order -- Gp/Ys button right below the color setting at bottom of control panel.
  • new string_spacing parameter to space out string values
  • 8 new colors defined -- do View / Graph View Default Styles to get the new colors, in case you're plotting many things (see e.g., above option!)
  • fields for each axis so you can arbitrarily label rather than depend on column name - if you don't enter a label the column name will be used
  • unlimited number of y axis fields (used to be limited to 64)
  • ParamSet saved values now show the standard gui editor for non-atomic types (e.g., layer geometry, spec pointers, etc).
  • Coin3d Quarter library now included in emergent source, builds within standard CMake process -- this eliminates a non-maintained and very outdated build process that was always a bit of a nightmare, and a source of crashing from quarter builds that were out-of-sync with the Qt version used for emergent. Now any version of Qt can be used and emergent will adapt automatically.
  • LeabraConSpec momentum field added to replace dyn_lr -- dwt_zone etc replaced with std momentum and normalization -- works best for most cases and is marked as a default -- existing projects load with it off however -- strongly suggest giving it a try!
  • Projection has a notes field, and Network has methods to create list of all projections to a DataTable or to a list formatted in various markup languages (taMarkUp -- can be used in scripts to generate various types of formatted text too) -- very handy for keeping track of and reviewing / auditing large complex projects.
  • Any DataTable can also be saved to any taMarkUp format as a table -- Data/Export Data Text menu
  • Window size saving is more robust when dealing with multiple monitors, etc -- only saves size/position when project is saved, instead of everytime it changes -- allows for transient changes to be ignored.
  • also added a View / Restore Window Geom option to restore to saved window geometry info, in case your windows have been resized mysteriously (a regular problem on mac with a second monitor)
  • Variables for objs objects now go into a separate objs_vars list -- these are automatically managed and thus only serve to clutter up the vars list.
  • Duplicate variable names across args, vars, and objs_vars are now detected
  • Matrix objects returned as temporary variables from DataTable GetValAsMatrix and related routines now check that the matrix variable is in the proper loop scope -- fixes memory leaks, and eliminates previous overly-broad warning.

Notable Bugs Fixed

  • StdEverything wizard creates a working project
  • all known crash-on exit bugs fixed
  • significant speedups for operations involving DataTables with large numbers of columns
  • undoing a delete of an object that has a 3D view now works -- previously would lead to crashing