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  • Can click on units in NetView using red arrow, when viewing variables other than weights, and get the variable value in the caption.
  • Saving now includes saving of panel "Pin State" -- use Pin/Unpin options from context menu on middle panel tabs to change this state.
  • Object Diff/Compare is now accessible from the Tools menu.
  • Better naming of duplicated objects (e.g. duplicating MyProgram creates a copy called MyProgram_copy).
  • Addition of 'Step' icon to application toolbar -- same as hitting the last Step button again -- only works if you have done Step previously
  • The application toolbar now includes icons and labels for all actions. The default is to show the icon and the text. In preferences you can change to text only or icon only.
  • Graph now plots * for out-of-range values instead of just not plotting anything at all.
  • Set Color Scheme and Set Color Scheme -- All Views now avail as menu items on the 3D view panel menu -- context menu on the tabs -- easy way to update the background color -- new default color scheme in 7.0.1 is black text on white background, but existing projects load with whatever they were saved with..

Bug Fixes

  • Setting a breakpoint after pausing a program would present a warning and re-init the program
  • Initializing values in a data table column would result in a crash if you previously initialized a String type column
  • Setting values in a GridView was crashing -- turns out it was using a temp matrix -- probably caused other crashes too.