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Major Changes

  • ACT-R is much more fully-functional -- still has a few more things to be done, but it now supports the visual and motor modules, and more of its overall behavior has been tested and validated against the actr6 lisp implementation.
  • DataTables now have (hidden) list of row numbers that are used in all access to the data, which enables much more efficient filtering, sorting, etc -- only this row number list needs to be sorted, for example, not all the raw data itself. All access of the data at all levels (even down to the low-level Matrix data that is used for storing each column worth of data) uses these row numbers to access the data, so you cannot tell that they are there, and all existing code works exactly the same as it did before (only faster!). There are however some important new functions that this now supports:
  • Deleting (including Filtering) rows from a table only deletes from the row list, effectively hiding the rows rather than immediately deleting them.
  • You can therefore restore the rows (or undo any other row-level operation, including Sorting) with the menu item "DataProc/Show All Rows". This function resets the row list to match the original raw data.
  • To permanently remove any hidden raw data, select "Flatten" -- this also reorganizes the raw data to match the current row list order, making the raw data and the row list isomorphic.
  • You can keep the original table by making a copy first (or calling FlattenTo to flatten to a different table).
  • Saving a project does not flatten the table -- the full raw data is saved along with the row list, so it is just as you left it. If you have a large table that has been significantly filtered, or a lot of adding and deleting has taken place, it can be more efficient to Flatten that table before saving.
  • When a Data Table is the source of input to a network, the view you see is the view the network sees. If you have hidden rows they will not be input to the network. Likewise all calculations operate only on the visible rows of a table. Again, the presence of this hidden row list is invisible, and everything works as before, except for the ShowAllRows and Flatten functions.
  • You can drag-and-drop the columns and rows of a DataTable to reorder them.
  • There are many new options on the DataTable context menus and the Column-level menus for commonly-used functions.

  • Data Table filtering
    • Two dialogs has been added to make filtering more user friendly.
    • Filter based on values of a single column by selecting the "Filter" menu item from the columns context menu.

Filter Dialog (Single Column).png

    • Filter based on multiple columns by selecting the "Filter" menu item from the "DataProc" menu.

Filter Dialog (multiple columns).png

    • You can write your own expression to filter rows by selecting the "Filter Custom" menu item and entering an expression.
    • The DataTable method Filter has been renamed to FilterByScript

  • High Dimensional Analysis GUI
    • Dialogs have been added to make high dimensional analysis (e.g. Cluster Analysis and Principal Component Analysis) more accessible
    • Select a data table matrix column and select an analysis from the context menu

Minor Changes

  • View settings (e.g. panel and window size, data table column widths) are now saved by default. This is a project level setting and a checkbox has been added to the project properties panel to enable/disable this behavior.
  • A "Save As Only" property has been added to projects (good for demos and tutorials). If you set this property to true (checkbox on the project property panel) "Save" is disabled but "Save As" remains enabled. This property defaults to false.
  • Sort Ascending and Sort Descending added to column context menu. For multiple column sorting use DataProc/Sort that allows specifying up to 6 columns of sort hierarchy
  • Go directly from a line of code in the left browser to editing in the center panel from context menu item "Edit Program El"
  • Keyboard navigation of the lookup dialogs has been optimized -- saves a few keystrokes.

Bug Fixes

  • The color scale chooser works again.(1583)
  • Find command was crashing during "member" searches.(1559)
  • Various other bug fixes and a few memory leaks patched -- improved overall stability.