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Version 5.0.2 (see Changes 5.0.2) should have been 5.1.0, so this relatively minor release is promoted to major status to correct that error.

New Features

  • Important change to Leabra -- the way that netinput values are normalized was significantly improved, but it will affect the behavior of existing models that have partial connectivity -- see Leabra Netin Scaling for full details.
  • Massive rewrite of image processing code -- see ImageProc. Still considered under development and not yet very well documented, but thoroughly tested as such. See demo/virt_env/vis_test.proj for a basic testing project.
  • Navigation controls (page up/down, start/end, goto row) in Grid View
  • Netview has a min font size for layer text to prevent layer labels for small sized layers from shrinking to invisibility.
  • taMisc::FullArgStringName -- generates a useful name string that can be used to name files according to the startup args passed to the system. also ShortName and RemoveVowels utility functions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Undo/Redo logic fixes for DataTable edits and other single-object edits -- starting Undo save for a subsequent Redo needs to be of the last changed object, not a global one. Also undo support for copy/paste in DataTable or Matrix viewer.
  • More small fixes to edit dialog display issues.
  • Matrix cell viewer for DataTable editor now only shows when relevant -- was present too often before.
  • Plugins now record their original source path (where first compiled, before copied during make install), and this is used to get back to the original source for loading the wizard, which then allows operation directly on the

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