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This is a major bugfix release -- no significant new features were added since Changes 5.0.0.

Bugs fixed

  • Various display bugs fixed with edit dialogs -- should be much more robust
  • Crashing on quitting should also be fixed.
  • Undo now works properly for undoing the deletion of a spec from a network -- this case was not working due to complicated optimization logic for network undo saving.
    • it is also now possible to correctly undo wizard actions.
  • view control panel now back for projects with only one 3D view tab.
  • Load Append Data on data table now actually appends -- was overwriting.
  • Can now enter scientific notation in numeric fields.
  • Sets current working directory on project save and at start of program (Init) -- useful when multiple projects are open.
  • standard prog lib Programs for Leabra and Bp are updated to include features that were previously spread across different variants of Train, Batch, and Startup -- in particular, they support parallel batch mode operation along with the normal sequential-batch mode, determined just by the parameters that were passed.
  • ODE joints: visualization of joints. essential for finding collision points between connected bodies and developing an intuition for how joints work and where they are.
  • ODE bodies: linear/angular damping (set damping scales and thresholds), finite rotation mode (good for wheels), gravity mode (disable gravity for certain bodies).

For full list, see:

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