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Here are the main contributors to the emergent software:

  • Randall O'Reilly -- primary author of PDP++ and the type access system (ta and css), main overall architect of emergent, and probably the most lines of code contributed overall
  • Brad Aisa -- wrote emergent from PDP++, including Qt-based browser design, Coin 3D viewer, and many important infrastructure contributions
  • Dan Furlani -- wrote the Regex browser for the Brain View, Windows build script, various infrastructure and bug fixes, and does all the packaging, and currently working on important new features
  • Ash Macon -- wrote the Brain View visualization system
  • Brian Mingus -- lots of good bug reports and some code contributions
  • Chadley K. Dawson -- developer for the original PDP++ software on which emergent is based
  • Dave Jilk -- helped design and test the Data Proc database-like processing functionality

PDP++ Contributors

The PDP++ software, upon which emergent is based, was originally written by Randall C. O'Reilly, Chadley K. Dawson, and James L. McClelland

Other contributors to PDP++:

  • Daniel Cer, did major work on the dmem/MPI distributed memory code, and the multi-dimensional lookup table code.
  • Danke Xie, wrote a pthread version of bp++, and contributed fixes to
  • Josh Brown, wrote the RNS++ code (see link on main page).
  • Michael Frank, numerous bug reports and testing.