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Wave Electrodynamics (WELD)

This wiki provides various resources for research and teaching in the field of Wave Electrodynamics (WELD), which is based on the coupled Maxwell-Dirac equations (pure waves, no particles) as a potentially complete model of electrodynamics. This provides a mechanistically simple, local model of fundamental physics, which resolves all the paradoxes found in standard Quantum Mechanics (QM), primarily by eliminating any notion of a particle. It is mathematically very difficult to analyze, but some progress has been made, and a number of simplifications have been analyzed extensively, in the form of various versions of Semiclassical or Neoclassical models. Some of these models are used extensively in practice, for example the Jaynes Cummings model is widely used in quantum optics.

  • WELDBook -- An introduction to Wave Electrodynamics, designed to be accessible to someone with basic physics and calculus background, using numerical simulations and intuitive graphical displays to make the material concrete and accessible.
  • EmeWave -- Numerical wave simulation software built on top of the Emergent simulation framework.
  • Locality -- The standard objection to the WELD approach is that quantum mechanics is fundamentally nonlocal. Despite the pervasive belief otherwise, the conceptual and empirical basis of nonlocality is exceptionally weak, and locality is entirely consistent with all data available at this point, while also being the only plausible way the universe could possibly work. This link provides a discussion of these issues.
  • Bibliography -- Annotated bibliography and actual papers (PDFs) for the key published work in this field.