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  • Title: A Hippocampal Model of Recognition Memory
  • Author(s): O'Reilly, R. C. and Norman, K. A. and McClelland, J. L. and Jordan, M. I. and Kearns, M. J. and Solla, S. A.
  • Date: January 1998
  • Pages: 73-79

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OReillyNormanMcClelland98 O'Reilly, R.C., Norman, K.A. & McClelland, J.L. (1998). A Hippocampal Model of Recognition Memory. M.I. Jordan, M.J. Kearns & S.A. Solla (Eds) Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 10, 73-79, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. pdf icon.png OReillyNormanMcClelland98.pdf