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  • Title: Under what conditions is recognition spared relative to recall after selective hippocampal damage in humans?
  • Author(s): Holdstock, J. S. and Mayes, A. R. and Roberts, N. and Cezayirli, E. and Isaac, C. L. and O'Reilly, R. C. and Norman, K. A.
  • Journal: Hippocampus
  • Date: 07 2002
  • Volume: 12
  • Pages: 341-351
  • URL: [1]

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HoldstockMayesRobertsEtAl02 Holdstock, J.S., Mayes, A.R., Roberts, N., Cezayirli, E., Isaac, C.L., O'Reilly, R.C. & Norman, K.A. (2002). Under What Conditions is Recognition Spared Relative to Recall After Selective Hippocampal Damage in Humans?. Hippocampus, 12, 341-351. pdf icon.png HoldstockMayesRobertsEtAl02.pdf