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These simulation projects for the CECN textbook, implemented in Emergent serve as replacements for the original projects that were done in PDP++. They have completely self-contained documentation that opens up when the project is opened -- follow those instructions instead of the ones written in the textbook.

General Usage Tips

In addition to all the tips available at the Emergent website, the following are particularly relevant to these projects:

  • To make the documentation instructions always available in a separate window: do Object/Edit Dialog in the menu just above the document text that shows up when you open the project. Alternatively, you can just always return to the document by clicking on the ProjectDocs tab at the top of the middle panel.
  • If your screen is small, you may also want to make the document window "Always on Top": (e.g., in Linux, Emergent-logo-at-top-left/Advanced-> Keep Above Others) and also use the "Shade" feature: double-click the top control bar to toggle the window between "rolled up" and "rolled down" (also: Emergent-logo->Shade). (Caution: you cannot double click on the Emergent-logo itself!). Keeping the ProjectDocs window on the left over the tree browser panel frame seems to work best since you will generally be watching and working with the right two frames the most.
  • Important: Projects have all been converted to version 5.1.0 of Emergent, released 8/15/10.
    • The program stepping logic in 5.1.0 was significantly simplified so you can instantly access multiple levels of stepping, but the documentation may not have all been updated perfectly to match this new logic.

One .zip File of All Projects

This file: cecn.zip contains the entire set of projects and supporting files. Last updated 11/5/10.

Chapter 2: Individual Neurons

  • CECN1 Units (units.proj) -- Individual Neuron (Unit)
  • CECN1 Detector (detector.proj) -- The Unit as a Detector
  • CECN1 Self Reg (self_reg.proj) -- Self regulation through accommodation and hysteresis (optional)

Chapter 3: Networks of Neurons

Chapter 4: Hebbian Model Learning

Chapter 5: Error-Driven Task Learning

  • CECN1 Pattern Associator (pat_assoc.proj) -- Simple input/output pattern association task learning
  • CECN1 Generec (generec.proj) -- Full error-driven learning using the Generalized Recirculation algorithm

Chapter 6: Combined Model and Task Learning, and Other Mechanisms

Chapter 8: Perception and Attention

  • CECN1 V1Rf (v1rf.proj) -- V1 receptive fields from Hebbian learning
  • CECN1 Objrec (objrec.proj) -- invariant object recognition
  • CECN1 AttnSimple (attn_simple.proj) -- simple attention model
  • CECN1 Objrec Multiobj (objrec_multiobj.proj) -- Object recognition with multiple objects: NOTE Not converting from PDP++ until later (click for more info)

Chapter 9: Memory

Chapter 10: Language

Chapter 11: Higher Level Cognition

  • CECN1 Stroop (stroop.proj) -- The Stroop effect and PFC top-down biasing
  • CECN1 ID_ED (id_ed.proj) -- The intradimensional/extradimensional task

Student Projects