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Brian Mingus


  • O'Reilly, R.C., Wyatte, D., Herd, S., Mingus, B., Jilk, D. (2013). Recurrent processing during object recognition. Frontiers in Psychology. PDF
  • Wyatte, D., Herd, S., Mingus, B., & O'Reilly, R.C. (2012). The Role of Competitive Inhibition and Top-Down Feedback in Binding During Object Recognition. Frontiers in Cognitive Sciences. PDF
  • Aisa, B., Mingus, B., O'Reilly, R. (2008). The emergent neural modeling system. Neural Networks. PDF

Peer reviewed conference proceedings

  • O'Reilly, RC., Krueger, K., Mingus, B., and Rohrlich, J. (2017). The emergent platform™ for community CCN. Proceedings of the First Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Conference. PDF
  • Mingus, B.,, Kriete, T., Herd, S.A., Wyatte, D., Latimer, K. & O'Reilly, R.C. (2011) Generalization of Figure-Ground Segmentation from Monocular to Binocular Vision in an Embodied Biological Brain Model. Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence. PDF
  • Herd, S.A., Mingus, B., & O'Reilly, R.C. (2010). Dopamine and self-directed learning. In A. V. Samsonovich, K. R. Jóhannsdóttir, A. Chella, & B. Goertzel (Eds.) Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2010: Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the BICA Society (pp. 58-63). Fairfax, VA: IOS Press PDF

Technical reports

  • Herd, S., Urland, G., Mingus, B., and O'Reilly, R.C. (2011). Expanding Human Student-Teacher Interactions to Create Human-AI Hybrid Learning Systems. Technical Report. PDF
  • DeHoust, C., Mangalath, P., Mingus, B. (2008). Improving search in Wikipedia through quality and concept discovery. Technical Report. PDF
  • Rassbach, L., Mingus., B, Blackford, T. (2007). Exploring the feasibility of automatically rating online article quality. Technical Report. PDF


  • WikiCite: a platform for crowdsourcing and discussing citations in context. Presented at the Digital Public Library of America Plenary at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. on Friday, October 21st, 2011. PDF
  • Bidirectional Biological Object Recognition and Figure-Ground Segmentation. Presented at the 4th Annual Artificial General Intelligence Conference at Google in Mountain View, Ca on August 21st, 2011. PNG
  • Artificial Boredom: toward human-like self-directed learning. Poster at Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures conference, Washington, DC. Herd, S.A., Mingus, B. & O'Reilly, R.C. (2010).