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taOBase Class Reference

owned base class of taBase -- first level at which user data and updating signaling is supported -- contains 3 pointers

See for more info: Wiki Docs For: taOBase

 #include <taOBase>

defined at: /mnt/ssd/grey/local/include/Emergent/taOBase.h :30-80

Inherits From: taBase

Inherited By: taOBase*, taOBase&, const taOBase, taLicense, taOABase, taNBase, taTask, taThreadMgr, taPluginBase, MinMax, Average, ProgLine, DynEnum, ProgExprBase, ProgArg, ProgEl, ColCalcExpr, DataOpEl, taWikiSpec, ControlPanelItem, ControlPanelMemberData, ParamSetItem, ControlItemNote, EditParamSearch, taUndoDiffSrc, taUndoRec, taUndoMgr, taProjVersion, PatchRec, taiMimeItem, taFontSpec, T3CameraParams, SpecMemberBase, SpecPtr_impl, SigmoidSpec, SchedItem, PRerrVals, PrjnConStats, LayerDataEl, ScaleRange, NetViewFontSizes, NetViewParams, Voxel, BrainViewParams, LayerDistances, LayerRelPos, NetStatsSpecs, NetworkCudaSpec, NetStateSync, RenormInitWtsSpec, TessEl, GpTessEl, GaussInitWtsSpec, SigmoidInitWtsSpec, BgPfcPrjnEl, LeabraAvgMax, LeabraInhibVals, LeabraMarginVals, LeabraTimes, LeabraNetStats, LeabraNetMisc, LeabraNetDeep, RelNetinSched, PFCDynEl, ActrSlot, ActrActVals, ActrActTimeVals, ActrCondition, ActrAction, ActrProdUtilVals, ActrProdTimeVals, ActrEvent, ActrActParams, ActrRetrievalParams, ActrPartialParams, ActrAssocParams, ActrUtilityParams, ActrVisParams, ActrAttnParams, ActrMotorParams, ActrMotorTimeParams, ActrGlobalParams, ColorSpace, VisRegionParams, VisRegionSizes, VisAdaptation, V1KwtaSpec, V1GaborSpec, V1sNeighInhib, V1SquareGroup, V1ComplexSpec, VisSpatIntegSpec, AudInputSpec, AudDftSpec, MelFBankSpec, AudRenormSpec, AudGaborSpec, MelCepstrumSpec, VocalTractConfig, VoiceParams, VocalTractCtrl, VESurface, ODEIntParams, ODEDamping, ODEFiniteRotation, VEJointStops, VEJointMotor, VELightParams, VECameraDists, VEShadowParams, VEArmLengths, VEArmAngles, VEArmDelays, VEArmGains, VEArmPID, VEArmIOErr, VEArmDamping

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Method Category: UserData

Method Category: _NoCategory

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Method Category: UserData

void taOBase::RemoveAllUserData ( )

get rid of our user data list entirely -- this is done automatically when saving something that has no user data items, but you can also force it with this method -- deletes the whole list

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Method Category: _NoCategory

taBase* taOBase::GetOwner ( )

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TypeDef* taOBase::GetTypeDef ( )

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taSigLink** taOBase::addr_sig_link ( )

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Expert Method Category: UserData

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Expert Member Category: taBase

taOBase::owner : taBase*

pointer to owner

taOBase::user_data_ : UserDataItem_List*

storage for user data (created if needed) DO NOT ACCESS this list directly -- use the GetUserData / SetUserData etc interface!

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Expert Method Category: UserData

UserDataItem_List* taOBase::GetUserDataList ( bool force = false )

gets the userdatalist for this class

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