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taBrainAtlasRef Class Reference

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 #include "taBrainAtlas.h"

defined at: /mnt/ssd/grey/local/include/Emergent/taBrainAtlas.h :101-101

Inherits From: taSmartRefT, taSmartRef, ISigLinkClient, ISigLinkProxy, ITypedObject

Inherited By: taBrainAtlasRef*, taBrainAtlasRef&, const taBrainAtlasRef

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Method Category: _NoCategory

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Method Category: _NoCategory

void taSmartRef::CutLinks ( )

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TypeDef* taBrainAtlasRef::GetBaseType ( )

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TypeDef* taBrainAtlasRef::GetDataTypeDef ( )

convenience function, default gets data type from link TypeDef of the data

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taBase* taSmartRef::GetOwner ( )

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TypeDef* taSmartRef::GetTypeDef ( )

typedef of the dlc note: only one typedef for all

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void taSmartRef::Init ( taBase* own_ )

call in owner's Initialize or InitLinks

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void taSmartRef::SigLinkDestroying ( taSigLink* dl )

called by SigLink when destroying; it will remove siglink ref in dlc upon return

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void taSmartRef::SigLinkRecv ( taSigLink* na, int sls, void* op1, void* op2 )

this is how we receive a signal from the siglink

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void* taSmartRef::This ( )

reference to the 'this' pointer of the client object

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taBrainAtlas* taSmartRefT_taBrainAtlas_::ptr ( )

typed alias for the base version

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void taSmartRef::set ( taBase* src )

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