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SimpleMathSpec Class Reference

params for std kinds of simple math operators applied to an input value 'val'

See for more info: Wiki Docs For: SimpleMathSpec

 #include <SimpleMathSpec>

defined at: /mnt/ssd/grey/local/include/Emergent/SimpleMathSpec.h :29-64

Inherits From: taINBase, taNBase, taOBase, taBase

Inherited By: SimpleMathSpec*, SimpleMathSpec&, const SimpleMathSpec

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Sub Types

SubType Documentation

enum SimpleMathSpec::MathOpr

SimpleMathSpec::NONE0x00000000no function
SimpleMathSpec::THRESH0x00000001threshold: if val >= arg then hi, else lo
SimpleMathSpec::ABS0x00000002take absolute-value of val
SimpleMathSpec::SQUARE0x00000003square val (raise to 2nd power)
SimpleMathSpec::SQRT0x00000004square root of val
SimpleMathSpec::LOG0x00000005natural log of val
SimpleMathSpec::LOG100x00000006log base 10 ov val
SimpleMathSpec::EXP0x00000007exponential (e^val)
SimpleMathSpec::ADD0x00000008add val + arg
SimpleMathSpec::SUB0x00000009subtract val - arg
SimpleMathSpec::MUL0x0000000Amultiply val * arg
SimpleMathSpec::DIV0x0000000Bdivide val / arg
SimpleMathSpec::POWER0x0000000Craise val to the power of arg: val^arg
SimpleMathSpec::MAX0x0000000Dmaximum of value and arg: MAX(val,arg)
SimpleMathSpec::MIN0x0000000Eminimum of value and arg: MIN(val,arg)
SimpleMathSpec::MINMAX0x0000000Fminimum of value and hi, and maximum of value and lw (enforce val between lw-hi range)
SimpleMathSpec::REPLACE0x00000010replace value arg value with lw value

Regular (preferred) Member and Method Documentation


Member Category: _NoCategory

Member Category: taBase


Method Category: ObjectMgmt

Method Category: UserData

Method Category: _NoCategory

Member Documentation

Member Category: _NoCategory

SimpleMathSpec::arg : double

argument for ops (threshold add/sub/mul/div,power,max,min arg,replace)

SimpleMathSpec::hi : double

the value to assign values above threshold for THRESH, or the high range for MINMAX

SimpleMathSpec::lw : double

the value to assign values below threshold for THRESH, or the low range for MINMAX, or value to replace with for REPLACE

SimpleMathSpec::opr : SimpleMathSpec::MathOpr

what math operator to use

Member Category: taBase

taINBase::name : taString

name of the object

Method Documentation

Method Category: ObjectMgmt

taString taNBase::GetName ( )

Get the name of the object

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bool taNBase::HasName ( )

does the object have a name field that can be set?

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void taNBase::MakeNameUnique ( )

make sure my name is unique relative to names of objects associated with my owner (e.g., if it is a list object), typically because my name has changed, and owner needs to ensure that all names are unique

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bool taNBase::SetName ( taString& nm )

Set the object's name

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Method Category: UserData

void taOBase::RemoveAllUserData ( )

get rid of our user data list entirely -- this is done automatically when saving something that has no user data items, but you can also force it with this method -- deletes the whole list

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Method Category: _NoCategory

bool taNBase::AddFromTemplate ( taBase* obj, bool& is_acceptable )

handles drops from toolbar - when adding an object to a program, network, etc - e.g. dropping generic data table onto a program - set is_acceptable for objects 'not handled' but which are acceptable

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double SimpleMathSpec::Evaluate ( double val )

evaluate math operator on given value

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taBase* taOBase::GetOwner ( )

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TypeDef* SimpleMathSpec::GetTypeDef ( )

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taSigLink** taOBase::addr_sig_link ( )

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Static Member and Method Documentation

Static Members

Static Methods

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Expert Member and Method Documentation

Expert Members

Expert Member Category: taBase

Expert Methods

Expert Method Category: UserData

Expert Member Documentation

Expert Member Category: taBase

taOBase::owner : taBase*

pointer to owner

taOBase::user_data_ : UserDataItem_List*

storage for user data (created if needed) DO NOT ACCESS this list directly -- use the GetUserData / SetUserData etc interface!

Expert Method Documentation

Expert Method Category: UserData

UserDataItem_List* taOBase::GetUserDataList ( bool force = false )

gets the userdatalist for this class

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