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NetStatsSpecs Class Reference

parameters for how stats are computed

See for more info: Wiki Docs For: NetStatsSpecs

 #include "Network.h"

defined at: /mnt/ssd/grey/local/include/Emergent/Network.h :25-43

Inherits From: taOBase, taBase

Inherited By: NetStatsSpecs*, NetStatsSpecs&, const NetStatsSpecs

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Member Category: Statistic


Method Category: UserData

Method Category: _NoCategory

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Member Category: Statistic

NetStatsSpecs::cnt_err_tol : float

tolerance for computing the count of number of errors over current epoch

NetStatsSpecs::prerr : bool

compute precision and recall error values over units, at same time as computing sum squared error (SSE)

NetStatsSpecs::sse_sqrt : bool

take the square root of the SSE, producing a Euclidian distance instead of raw sse (note this cannot technically be added across trials in a linear fashion, as raw sse can)

NetStatsSpecs::sse_unit_avg : bool

compute sse as average sse over units (i.e., divide by total number of target units in layer)

Method Documentation

Method Category: UserData

void taOBase::RemoveAllUserData ( )

get rid of our user data list entirely -- this is done automatically when saving something that has no user data items, but you can also force it with this method -- deletes the whole list

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Method Category: _NoCategory

taBase* taOBase::GetOwner ( )

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TypeDef* NetStatsSpecs::GetTypeDef ( )

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taSigLink** taOBase::addr_sig_link ( )

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Expert Method Category: UserData

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Expert Member Category: taBase

taOBase::owner : taBase*

pointer to owner

taOBase::user_data_ : UserDataItem_List*

storage for user data (created if needed) DO NOT ACCESS this list directly -- use the GetUserData / SetUserData etc interface!

Expert Method Documentation

Expert Method Category: UserData

UserDataItem_List* taOBase::GetUserDataList ( bool force = false )

gets the userdatalist for this class

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