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LayerSpec_cpp Class Reference

plain C++ version of LayerSpec

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 #include <LayerSpec_cpp>

defined at: /mnt/ssd/grey/local/include/Emergent/LayerSpec_cpp.h :29-37

Inherits From: BaseSpec_cpp, taNBase_cpp, taOBase_cpp, taBase_cpp

Inherited By: LayerSpec_cpp*, LayerSpec_cpp&, const LayerSpec_cpp, LeabraLayerSpec_cpp

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Sub Types

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Method Category: State

Method Category: _NoCategory

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Method Category: State

int LayerSpec_cpp::GetStateSpecType ( )

derived classes MUST override this and pass correct global type id

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void LayerSpec_cpp::Init_LayerState ( LayerState_cpp* lst, NetworkState_cpp* net )

initialize layer state

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Method Category: _NoCategory

void LayerSpec_cpp::Initialize_core ( )

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Expert Members

Expert Member Category: _NoCategory

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Expert Member Category: _NoCategory

LayerSpec_cpp::spec_idx : int

index of this spec in list of specs

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